Real-time business intelligence for Higher Education institutions

At Cortell Australia, we’re recognised for our expertise in delivering business analytics solutions to higher education institutions. Our solutions allow your staff to quickly access accurate business-critical data and use it to manage and forecast across your institution or within your faculty or course.

Student Analytics

  • Student attrition and retention
  • Student load forecasting
  • Research funding analysis
  • Academic analytics

Download our white paper on measuring and improving student attrition and retention in Higher Education.


Budget and planning management

  • Resource & campus capacity planning
  • Course costing
  • Workforce management
  • Procurement planning & price analysis

See the full list of budget, planning and student management areas our Predictive Analytics can improve.


Your integrated platform for educational
performance management

Many academic institutions struggle under the burden of organisational silos that don’t allow data to be configured and presented in useful ways. With our application of IBM Business Analytics, many universities and colleges can now measure and monitor the performance of their students, programs and budgets.

Cortell has already provided analytical solutions to universities such as Bond University, Griffith University, Central Queensland University, Monash University, Edith Cowan University, Deakin University and Flinders University. This has given us the expertise needed to create agile predictive analytics systems specifically for educators. We understand what is required to create the right conditions for student and institutional success.

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